Viking Double Axe Leather Bracelet

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Viking Axe Leather  Bracelet for vikings.

The Axe was a common weapon for a Viking warrior to wield. It was brutally effective and well-suited the wild yet powerful style that Vikings were said to utilize when they entered into battle. When called to war, it became a weapon capable of shattering shields and cleaving through armor. The Nordic warrior held his weapon in great reverence and often lavished them with elaborate decorations. 

Beautifully crafted from Strong Alloy and leather and engraved with a Stunning design. The easy-hook system allows for quick locking and unlocking.

The Double Axe Bracelet has the valknut and helm of awe symbol. The valknut symbol is Odin's symbol for slain warriors and the helm of awe is the Icelandic symbol for protection.


  • Chain length: 7.87 inches

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