Heart-cut Crown Irish Ring

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The Claddagh rings represent love, friendship and loyalty.

Claddagh rings originate from the Irish village of Claddagh in Galway.

The Claddagh ring gained popularity in the 17th century and has been a symbol of the Irish heritage since then.

This unique design shows two two hands holding a heart surmounted by a crown. This traditional Irish design of the Claddagh ring is considered to be the correct symbol for the Claddagh ring that was originally designed by Richard Joyce left his home town to work in the West Indies.

On his way back to marry his beloved he was captured and  imprisoned in Algeria. When When William III became king he demanded all the British subjects to be released and  Richard Joyce was released with them.

Upon his return he crafted the ring and gave it to his sweet heart whom he wanted to marry 14 years prior to his release.

This Claddagh ring is made up of stainless steel for durability.

Its unique and detailed design allows it to stand out without being conspicuous.

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