Geri and Freki Nordic Bracelet

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Geri and  Freki Nordic Bracelet for  men and women

Odin had two loyal wolves Geri (‘greedy’) and Freki (‘ravenous’) that keep him company, guarding the border against the giants, who were sworn enemies of men and of the Aesir gods.



The wolves Geri and Freki attended Odin at his high throne and also at Valhalla, the residence of Odin, which was the most beautiful of all the Asgard’s palaces and dwellings of the gods.




While one of the wolves slept, the other was awake and watched; therefore, it was impossible to surprise their master and the most powerful of the Aesir.

Just like Geri and Freki guarded  Asgard this  bracelet is perfect for someone you love who needs potection.

Arm rings were used to signify a rite of passage. 

A promise made on an arm ring would not be broken without dire consequences to the maker.

The arm ring is made up of stainless steel for durability.

It is a perfect gift for weddings, anniversary, graduation, birthdays and other life events.

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