Elder Futhark Algiz Rune Necklace

Each Algiz Rune Necklace is skillfully handcrafted one at a time in sterling silver.  The pendant size is 2.9*3.6cm and has a geometric pattern. It is a perfect gift for a friend or colleague who needs protection or who is going through a tough patch in life. This Algiz rune necklace is a unique talisman that is not easily found in stores.

Algiz is the rune of protection from one’s enemies, Self-development and progress, wisdom of the universe and the attainment of a higher self. The Algiz run symbolizes that human beings can attain higher selves, find peace and healing outside the physical constraints of the human body. The connection between the physical self and higher self is necessary for making right decisions and feeling safe in the world. The horns of the elk protect it from danger and in a similar way the Algiz rune protects us from danger just like the elk but in a spiritual sense. The Algiz rune also are in the shape of the horns of the elk. In Norse communities the Algiz rune was worn as a protective talisman. The elk is a sacred animal in Norse Mythology because of its grace and power.

The Algiz rune is associated with the Norse God Heimdall who protects Asgard and Aesir gods from danger. Heimdall has sharp senses and has less need for sleep than a bird. The human translation of this rune is that of a human raising arms. This gesture is the ultimate form of surrender to the universe to receive guidance and protection from the gods. It is also a form of realization that human beings are constantly forced to deal with issues beyond their control.

Wearing the Algiz Rune Necklace ensures that you are protected by the runic talisman. The Algiz rune is also important in divination.  When you see the Algiz rune in an upright position it means that you overcome problems that you are currently experiencing, your health will improve and you will get positive outcome in all activities that you do. Wearing the Algiz rune necklace for 14 days continuously is like getting a permanent runic casting that will protect you from evil and ensure good health and success.

This Algiz Rune Necklace is the symbol of spiritual awareness and also signifies a path to spiritual enlightenment. Algiz Rune Necklace helps you to tune and harmony. Once you are under the horns you are in a position to find personal power and strength and learn lessons that are meant to help you to reach the personal development and spiritual awareness. The Algiz rune necklace is also crucial in connecting you with the divine.