Our Story


Skål! The Vikings Pride was founded  after the realization that the Viking culture is never told in its pure form but rather in relation to other cultures. Movies and television shows have adulterated the beautiful Viking culture and presented to the world in accurate depiction of the Viking culture.

Every new Hollywood movie or publication further strays away from the truth and spreads misinformation about Vikings and Viking culture.  With imminent threat of corruption of the Viking culture it is paramount to realize that Vikings and Proud Heathens are in a cultural war.  Viking warriors ought to rise up and defend this sacred culture.

This store attempts to represent the Viking culture in its truest form in one piece of merchandise after another. Our store further seeks to give life to the ancient Norse Culture and Symbols by introducing them to the digital and modern world.


The Nordic themed items are utterly unique ideas and designs of the dedicated artists we work with, which literally means they’re not to be found nowhere else. They are based on the exact symbols and archetypes found in the historical items from the famous “Age of Vikings”, spanning from 793 AD, when the first Viking raid at Lindisfarne happened, to the end of the Viking Age in 1066 AD.


Our customers are warriors in this cultural appropriation war from all over the world. They originate from United States, Canada, Asia, Australia, Europe, Brazil, Chile and other parts of the world. Together we are determined to win this war no matter what. We shall prevail in the end. We feel a great joy in the fact that Nordic culture has now become a global phenomenon with followers of all races, thanks to the digital age we live in.