Wolf rings collection with artistically designed silver men’s wolf rings, wolf head rings, couple wolf rings, Fenrir wolf rings, Viking wolf rings and Celtic wolf rings. Wolves are associated with loyalty and fearlessness. They are not easily drawn into unnecessary conflicts but when they decide to attack they do so strategically with the objective of ending the fight swiftly. Wolves have fascinated humans for thousands of years. The inability of humans to domesticate them have made them a target of mythological stories.  In Norse Mythology Geri and Freki were two loyal wolves who accompanied Odin into battle. Geri and Freki are often associated with bravery and fearlessness. Our wolf rings symbolize loyalty and fearlessness just as Geri and Freki have remained loyal to Odin.  However, Norse mythology also had malignant wolves Fenrir, Sköll and Hati. These wolves were often associated with chaos and destruction. Our wolf rings collection allows you to stand out of the pack.  They are skilfully crafted to embody the fearlessness and bravery of a wolf. In Scottish and Celtic mythologies, the presence of a wolf was a symbol of hunter’s paradise. Our Custom made wolf rings give you a unique. Our rings are unique and are not available in local stores.