Wolf bracelets collection contains Fenrir wolf bracelets, Geri and Freki wolf bracelets, Sköll and Hati wolf bracelets and wolf head leather bracelets. Wolf bracelets symbolize the fearlessness of wolves.  Wolves signify death and re-birth. Wolves have captivated the human race for thousands of years. In some societies wolves are seen as a manifestation of bravery and wisdom while in others wolves are a manifestation of evil. In European mythologies wolves, wolves were represented as both good and evil. The duality in conceptualizing wolves is seen as both good and evil. In Norse Mythology Geri and Freki are two loyal wolves that accompany the Chief god Odin into battle.  Wolf bracelets depicting Geri and Freki represent fearlessness and loyalty.  The wolf in Norse mythology represents chaos and rebirth of a new world. Chaos is an important aspect of changeand in Norse Mythology Fenrir symbolizes change. Norse mythology is not devoid of malignant wolves. Fenrir, Sköll and Hati are hated by the Asgardian gods for the role they play in Ragnarok. Wolf or Wulf is used as a surname in Germanic languages. In Celtic mythology the wolf is represented in the stories of Ulster cycle where the Celtic goddess Morrigan is shown as a wolf.