Yggdrasil Bracelet

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  • Yggdrasil  bracelet for men and women. Available in  silver, bronze and copper.
  • Yggdrasil is the tree  that supports the Nordic universe.
  • The gods go to Yggdrasil daily to assemble at their things, traditional governing assemblies.
  • The branches of Yggdrasil extend far into the heavens, and the tree is supported by three roots that extend far away into other locations; one to the well Urðarbrunnr in the heavens, one to the spring Hvergelmir, and another to the well Mímisbrunnr.
  • The Yggdrasil  bracelet comes in three styles copper, silver and bronze
  • Made up of zinc alloy and it is resistant to rusting.
  • Weighs 35.47 grams and it is easily adjustable to fit your hand size
  • A unisex design that can be worn both by men and women
  • The perfect gift for an anniversary, party or engagement. A gift with a meaning behind it.
  • Shipping to the United States 7-17 days and up to 24 days for the rest of the world.


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