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Celtic rings collection with Celtic knot rings, Irish rings,  Irish wedding rings and Celtic engagement rings designs. Our Celtic rings are available in silver, bronze and gold. Celtic rings symbolize friendship, loyalty and love. Celtic rings can be traced to slightly over a millennia ago to the rugged Irish Coast. The earliest examples of Celtic rings were made of gold. The popularity of the Celtic rings means that you no longer have to travel to Ireland to get the Celtic rings. Celtic rings are part of the larger collection of Celtic jewelry artisan-ship which began 2000BC when Celtic artisans crafted Celtic jewelry by incorporating Irish symbols and designs. Celtic rings and symbols have remained consistent in their depiction of the Celtic symbols and its civilization.

Our Celtic rings depict various symbols. The trinity knot is one of the symbols featured in our rings. Initially the trinity knot represented infinity and the continuity of the universe. It was however adopted by Christians to represent the Holy Spirit. The Celtic knot represents the oneness of the universe.  Our Celtic rings also feature the Celtic knot rings represent the need for oneness with the universe. In Celtic mythology, the Celtic spiral means oneness and connectivity with the universe. The Celtic tree of life represents oneness and harmony with nature. The Celtic tree represents strength and oneness with the universe.