Viking beard beads collection with hair beads and beard rings. Our Beard Jewelry section contains artistic beads depicting Runic, Norse, Celtic and Icelandic beard beads designs. Up to 24 Elder Futharak runic beads and rings for your beard and viking hair. The beard rings are multipurpose and are  available in bronze, silver and solid white metal.

Beard beads are perfect for any man who wants to distinguish themselves from the pack. Our beard jewelry comes in different sizes to meet your beard needs. Our jewelry collection for beards is unique and would make a valuable collectable. Our beads are made of silver and bronze. Norsemenof during the Viking era preferred silver and bronze as a way of decorating their beards. Gold was rare and valuable. Only few Vikings opted for Viking beads. Our wolf, dragon, fenrir and runic beads and beard rings are designed to ensure that they fit perfectly on the beard and they do not easily fall off. They are light to ensure that they are not tiresome when wearing them. A long beard requires commitment for it to look awesome and to set you apart from the pack. Our beard collection has a variety of beads and jewelry for beards to meet your beard needs.

Beard beads are basically decorative beards that you thread through your beard and wear them as a decorative style.  Beard beads gained popularity from the Viking Culture in the Western civilization. Vikings wore beard beads to decorate their beads and ensure that the beard was neat. Without proper care and tendering, a long beard would become a hindrance when a Viking was pillaging or engaging in other activities. Beard beads are perfect for long beards that can be threaded into a strand. Beard jewelry also made a warrior look respectable among his peers. It contributed to his personal sense of style. Before you put on your beard beads ensure that your beard is decorated and there are no tangles.