Ragnarök in Norse Mythology: The Fate of the Gods

January 18, 2021 5 min read

The Age of Men

It will begin in the winter. Heimdall, the god who watches over all things will be unable to stop it. This is the apocalypse in Norse mythology. It happens long after the age of the gods during the time of men. The winter that sets in motion the end of gods and men will not be a normal winter but rather, a series of successive winters, winter after winter. There will be no spring or summer. Humans across Midgard will be cold and hungry and they will begin fighting over the meagre resources. Families will fight each other and parents will kill their children and parents will watch their children kill each other. Successive winters will unleash chaos all over the world. The remaining people will live like wild animals. The places that humans lived will turn into chaos. During this long winter, the sun will vanish the sky and the moon will disappear as well. In the long winter, there will be a series of earthquakes. The earthquakes will be great that they will break all shackles and fetters. The shackles that once tied Fenrir will be broken and he will be set loose. There will be flooding as well and the seas will rise into the land. Jörmungand, the sea serpent will writh in fury. The venom from his fangs will poison the sea killing all sea life. The black poison will fling into the air killing all the sea birds that breath it. The corpses of fish, whales and birds will wash into the sea shores. All those who see the children of Loki will see the end.

The beginning of the end.

The misty sky will split apart with the sounds of children screaming. The sons of Muspell will ride down from the heavens led by Sutr, the fire giant. Wielding his bright flaming sword, he will lead them across the Bifrost. It will crumble as they ride as it’s once bright colors will become dark shades of coal and ash. The cliffs will then crumble into the seas.


Loki who escaped the shackles of his bondage will take charge of the Naglfar. Naglfar is the biggest ship that has ever been built and its built with the fingernails of the dead. Inside the Naglfar is Hrhym who is the captain of the ship and the leader of the frost giants. The remaining frost giants will follow Hrhym. The ship is also ferrying Loki’s troops which are also known as legions of Hel. The legions of Hel are the dead that did shameful things when they were alive. The Naglfar will navigate the turbulent oceans and the rotting seas to destroy anything that loves and lives on earth. The burning sons of Muspell, the Legions of Hel and the remaining frost giants will travel to the plains of Vigrid which is three hundred miles wide. Fenrir the wolf will travel there and even the Midgard serpent will force itself ashore with only it’s head and a mile of its body. Heimdall who is the watchman of the gods will have seen all those things. The worst possible enemies will ensemble in the plains of Vigrid. Heimdall will only act then and blow the Gjallarhorn with all his strength. The horn once belonged to Mimir and Asgard will shake. The horn will awaken all the sleeping gods and they will reach for their weapons and assemble at the Yggdrasil tree.

The Final battle

Odin will ride Sleipnir to the well of Urd. He will consult the head of Mimir for counsel in the dark and troubling times. During this time, the Yggdrasil will shake like a leaf in the wind and all the warriors that died a glorious death in battle and the Aesir will ride to the final battle at the plains of Vigrid.

Einherjar; Odin’s noble will be locked into a battle with the evil dead. Odin will battle Fenrir who has grown into a monstrous wolf beyond imagining.  Thor will go to battle the Midgard Serpent. Frey will go to battle Sutr with his flaming sword. Frey’s armor and sword are no match for Sutr and Frey will be the first to fall. Tyr will fight the hellhound Gram and the battle will lead to the death of both of them. The hellhound Gram will die with his teeth around Tyr’s neck. Thor has always wanted to kill the Midgard Serpent and he will succeed in slaying it. Although Thor succeed in killing it the venom from the beast will fall on him leading to his death. Odin will battle Fenrir bravely but Fenrir is bigger than the sun and the moon. He will swallow Odin and his spear. Odin will disappear never to be seen again.  Odin’s son Vidar will watch in horror as the Fenrir kills his father Odin. Vidar has two shoes; one normal and the other abnormal. The abnormal shoe was created since the dawn of time. It consists of all the leather that people cut from the toes and heels when they make shoes. He will use this shoe to hold open Fenrir’s mouth and then grasp Fenrir’s upper jaw and rip it apart.

The frost giants will fall on the plains of Vigrid, the gods will fall, the noble warriors of Odin will fall and Legion of Hell will fall.  Of Loki’s legions, only Loki survives with blood on his sword and hands. Heimdall will not have fallen but he will stand tall with a sword in his hand. Heimdall and Loki will battle each other one last time and they will mortally wound each other.

Two people, a man and a woman had hidden in the world tree and they survive the battle. Thor’s son Magi and Modi take the Mjolnir from their father’s hand and they too survive the battle. The world will be burnt in Sutra’s flame.  Sutr who was there in the beginning of creation chooses to cleanse the world afresh. All will be burnt in fire and nothing but ash will remain.

New Earth

A new earth will be reborn. A grey ocean will rise and the sun’s daughter will shine as the new sun. The man and the woman who had hidden in the Yggdrasil will come out and repopulate the earth. Odin’s sons Vidar and Vali will arrive in Idavoll. Modi and Magni Thor’s sons will also arrive at Idavoll. Balder and Hod will return from the underworld and arrive at Idavoll. The six gods will marvel at the new sun and the new earth.