January 12, 2022 3 min read


1. What else is possible?

Chaos is a state of confusion and the lack of order. The presence of chaos in our lives often leads to emotional or financial turmoil. In some cases, it is one event that creates a domino effect and in the end our health, finances and mental health ends up in disarray.

Chaos might manifest itself in the form of a loss of a job, the loss of a loved one, financial difficulties and similar situations that cause us untold suffering.  The truth is we can’t escape chaos and we need chaos to grow in our personal life, in our relationships and in our finances.

Chaos asks the question of what else is possible.  It is only through self-reflection that we are able to see how chaos has been instrumental in shaping our lives today.Vikings embraced this mentality and it helped them win battles and overcome challenges. It is important to keep this in mind when going through tough times. 

2. Order is limitation

order is limitation

Living in the comfort zone creates order in our lives. It is only after we step out of the comfort zone that we encounter chaos.  When you are in the midst of chaos you might not understand why the marriage had to end.  But it is this element of chaos allows you to leave an unfulfilling marriage. It presents the opportunity to meet the person of your dreams and lead a fulfilling life. The same thing goes with the failure of a business or getting fired from a job. Chaos opens so many doors that order and success will never open.

3. Chaos is a friend

chaos is a friend

For you to lose weight and become fit, you must be willing to invite chaos in your life. Chaos in this case will come in the form of the pain of discipline you will experience when you are adjusting your eating habits or going to the gym.

To start a successful business, you will need to face the uncertainty of the market forces and place yourself within the possibility of failure.

When you are too comfortable in your comfort zone you need to invite chaos in the form of taking risks in order to achieve your goals and dreams. Chaos is a friend to every dreamer as opposed to being an enemy. It is difficult to forget that chaos is good for you. 


4. Loki the god of Chaos


An anonymous painting of Loki from an Icelandic illuminated manuscript

In Norse Mythology Loki is the trickster amongst the gods and also the god of chaos. Loki is a jötunn, being the son of giant Farbauti and giantess (or goddess) Laufey, also possesses the power to shapeshift. Loki is not portrayed as evil but rather whimsical and his actions have brought cruel results such as the death of god Baldr. His actions are also responsible for the existence of mjolnir; the fearsome weapon which wielded by Thor. Vikings wear mjolnir necklaces as a consequence of the Loki's actions.

 The actions of Loki bring about Ragnarok is the cataclysmic destruction of the cosmos and everything in it. Out of the destruction of Cosmos a new and beautiful world is born out of the waters. Vidar and a few other gods – Vali, Baldur, Hodr, and Thor’s sons Modi and Magni – will survive the downfall of the old world, and will live joyously in the new one.

A man and a woman, Lif and Lifthrasir will have hidden themselves from the cataclysm in a place called the “Wood of Hoddmimir” and will now come out and populate the lush land in which they will find themselves. A new sun, the daughter of the previous one, will rise in the sky. Chaos is often seen as a necessary instrument of change. Chaos is an agent of change Loki is known for bringing about chaos and discord, but by challenging the gods, he also brings about change.

5. Conclusion

Dealing with uncertainty and change can be debilitating in terms of your imposed stress, yet seemingly to live a compelling future requires stepping out of the familiar to reach new horizons. Stepping of your comfort requires you to extend your personal boundaries in order to create a fulfilling life. If you want change you must be willing to invite chaos into your life.